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Our Story

Living by faith

We met at Calvary Chapel Bible College in the Spring of 2012, and were quickly married in February 2013. We were both given a heart to live a life unsettled, fully surrendered to the Lord and thought that would be played out on the foreign mission field. We began then to pray about where God was calling us. Five years and three baby boys later we found our calling: Boulder, CO. We had been praying over Boulder for about four years but the call was sudden and happened fast. Within two weeks after the calling was confirmed we were driving out to pray over Boulder and start the job search. Within a month, we were moving our family. It’s been an amazing experience, and incredible to see how faithful our God is! This is only the beginning, and we cannot wait to see the good things God has prepared!


Who are we?

the dean’s


Who we are…

Married in February of 2013 we wasted no time and our first son, Zion, was born 13 months later. Wanting a friend for Zion, Ezra was born 13 months after that. And finally Boaz was born almost 2 years after Ezra. During this time we lived in Michael’s hometown of Murrieta, Ca. Home of the Calvary Chapel Bible College, where we met. We served in Fusion Christian Church from the beginning of our marriage until the day God called us to Colorado. We learned priceless things from our Pastor there and we are so thankful for that time. The 5 years there shaped us and prepared us for the future God had prepared for us in Colorado.


Why Boulder?


The Call

Boulder Colorado is one of the most anti-christian cities in America but at the same time one of the most “spiritual”. Boulder is home to one of the only “new age” universities, Naropa University. From the Naropa University website, “Boulder, Colorado, is the quintessential college town. But it’s also a great food city, mecca for extreme athletes, entrepreneurs, and spiritual seekers, and one of the most beautiful and progressive cities in America.” Having been a new age/spiritual seeker, God has given Michael a special heart for people trapped in the same deception Christ has saved him from. We both have felt called to college students and young adults. Having said all that, if you know Boulder you know we were made for it.


What is our current Mission?



Since arriving in Boulder, God has opened the door for us to begin serving at Calvary Chapel Broomfield as well as Reach Boulder. We immediately began to pray that God would give us a permanent place on “The Hill” (a small section of bars, restaurants, and shops right off Boulder University campus that’s ruled by college students and hippy/traveler kids on the street). We are so excited to announce that God did it! He has answered all of our prayers. For this next season of our lives we will be serving the college students and kids on the street at the coffee shop God has given us to manage, “The Point Cafe”. We will use this coffee shop not only to serve coffee, but to love on, minister to, and pray for all those who come in. We will host concerts, worship nights, speakers, and testimonies. Please continue to pray that God would open hearts and minds of those who we talk to!


How can you help?



We are currently working to open then manage full time The Point Cafe coffee shop in Boulder as well as serving at Reach Boulder ministry and Calvary Chapel Broomfield church. Michael also works as a roofing salesman to support our family. First and foremost we ask for your prayers; we need the covering of a faithful army of prayer warriors. God is on the move and revival is coming to Boulder and revival comes from the power of prayer! Any financial support you give will allow us to give more time to ministry and serving. You can also give of your time. We are open to facilitating internships and short term mission trips. The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few. We are praying for YOU laborers to come! We are humbled and grateful for your prayers and donations.

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